The Role Of An IP Professional Posted By : Dr. Mohan Dewan

Intellectual assets are created when the thought processes of the human mind are converted into material form, either by reproducing them in writing or recording Banquets Lancaster PA them orally or digitally. Intellectual assets which can be protected by law are termed Intellectual property (IP). Thus all forms of intellectual property are intellectual assets, but all intellectual assets are not intellectual property.

Why We Buy Posted By : Randy S. Hall

Understanding why people buy the things they buy will only help you sell your product or service better. People buy for a reason. People buy with their payday loans in memphis tennessee emotions and justify their purchase with logic. People buy what the want because it fulfills a desire or it makes them feel better. If they perceive it will save them time or money or make them money they will buy. Whatever the reason find it and use it to compel them to buy.